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Satanists are Rallying - Americans Must Stand Up for God and Country Now!

This coming weekend it is reported that the Satanic Temple is hosting one of the largest Satanic gatherings and rituals in the history of our nation in Massachusetts. And some people wonder why our nation is in chaos? It is because we are failing to protect our children from the godless in our country who are scheming for their souls.

By God's grace, Christian elected officials and Christian believers from around the nation are gathering in June to collaborate on legislative proposals to help save our country. All those who support saving this nation and want to unite together to save America from the godless liberal agenda infecting the entire country should plan to attend. Now is the time to take a stand and stop the moral depravity, social decline, lawlessness, and cultural chaos.

Please sign up to come join with us June 8-10, 2023 at Liberty University. As founder and president of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers I am going to be there and I pray you will come join us. You can review all the event details and register to attend today right here:

Never before have we seen the godlessness in our country that we are seeing today. We absolutely must take a stand now to save our nation. I urge you to invest the time needed to come join with us at the 2023 National Association of Christian Lawmakers National Policy Conference.

We must not let America be destroyed. Stand with us for the sake of your children and your grandchildren.


Jason Rapert

Holy Ghost Ministries

Founder & President

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