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Holy Ghost Ministries History

Preaching, Teaching and Helping Others since 2002

At Holy Ghost Ministries (HGM) we have been touching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and conducting humanitarian projects to help those who cannot help themselves since 2002. 


Jason Rapert surrendered to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as an Evangelist on January 1, 2002. He is the founder and president of Holy Ghost Ministries, Inc. and was ordained into the ministry by Dr. Sam Kaunley, senior pastor of the Sanctuary of Hope in Branson, Missouri.

Jason has preached in churches all over the United States, Canada, Ghana and Uganda. Jason was also part of a special educational mission to Israel in 2013 and he maintains strong support for Israel and the Jewish people. 

Jason & Laurie Rapert have dedicated the balance of their lives to preaching and teaching the Word of God (Matthew 28:18-20) and training Judeo-Christian leadership principles to other Christians and government leaders in the United States and around the world (Genesis 1:28, Proverbs 29:2). 

Holy Ghost Ministries is impacting the world through Evangelism, Teaching, Missions, Leadership Training and Honoring Israel.


In November 2004, Jason Rapert traveled to Ghana to conduct missions work, and, with the approval of the Conway Rotary Board, surveyed various projects for the club to sponsor.

Guided by Rev. Frederick Kyereko, Principal of the Southern Ghana Bible College, Jason located a small village that had no local access to potable water. Residents could only get water to their 2,000 residents by carrying it on their heads up a very steep incline for several hundred yards.

Rotarian Mike Pike became involved in the project and traveled with Jason to Ghana in November 2005 and participated in a ground breaking ceremony for the water project.  Mike unfortunately passed away in 2006 the very morning that Jason and a mission team were returning to Ghana for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completed water project.  After many years of planning to try and do something in Mike Pike's honor, Jason helped coordinate a very large donation made by the estate of Mike Pike's mother through Conway Rotary to build a structure in memory of Mike Pike in Ghana at an orphanage dedicated to helping young children in Ghana who have been rescued out of human trafficking situations and other desperate circumstances.  This project fulfilled a dream Jason had in 2006 to allow Mike Pike's memory and love for the people of Ghana to continue on into the future. We want to give special recognition to the Conway Noon Rotary Club of Conway, Arkansas for fulfilling the vision to honor Mike Pike and live out their motto of putting "service above self".  The project was funded through Touch A Life Foundation.

In November 2006, Jason made his 4th trip to Ghana traveling with a team of 6 members. While in Ghana, the Upper Town Kormantse Water Project was successfully dedicated. After 2 years of work, the water system is working - booster pump installed, water pipes laid, reservoir tanks in place, water taps connected, and finally water is running there.

In November 2007, Holy Ghost Ministries (HGM) made its 5th humanitarian mission trip to Ghana West Africa under the call of God to evangelize the world. A team of 9 people from Arkansas and Missouri made the intercontinental journey to bring hope, peace and love to the nation of Ghana and its people. We are happy to report that many were saved and God continues to place His hand upon HGM to carry out His work.

Since 2004, Jason Rapert has led 8 mission teams in total to the nation of Ghana West Africa and one small expedition to Uganda.  Every HGM partner, friend, volunteer, contributor and supporter has played a part in the water projects, feeding projects, building projects, scholarships and evangelistic programs.

With God's continued help and direction, we remain committed to going wherever the Holy Spirit directs us to go. Our lives are not our own, we have been called and set apart for the work of God. May we all never cease to feel the Lord's guiding hand.


In 2010, Jason began praying about a call he was feeling to enter public service as an elected official. After much prayer, counsel with trusted advisers and the support of his family, he filed to run for the Arkansas State Senate. 

Sen. Jason Rapert was elected to the Arkansas Senate in 2010 – he made history as the first Republican elected to serve in the Arkansas Senate for Senate District 18 since the end of Reconstruction after the Civil War.  During his service in the Arkansas Senate he has been recognized for his leadership at the state and national level.

Jason has been re-elected three times and his current term ends in 2022.  He currently serves in various leadership positions in the Arkansas State Senate and is a leading voice for Biblical principles and values in America today.  He has been referred to as one of the strongest voices calling America to repentance in our nation today.

Rapert has been recognized as a leader in the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL) which he founded.  NACL champions the ideals of America’s Founding Fathers and Biblical principles in the public square.

He was recently recognized with the “Hero For Life Award” by Faith2Action of Ohio for sponsoring the Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act.  When the bill became law on March 6, 2013 it was hailed as the strongest pro-life bill to have become law in America since the historic 1973 Roe V. Wade decision that legalized abortion.  Sen. Rapert is often called upon to speak on behalf of pro-life groups, pregnancy crisis centers and abortion recovery ministries.  He has remained committed to the simple message that “when there is a heartbeat there is life”.

In 2015, Sen. Rapert was the prime sponsor of the Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Display Act which was signed into law in order to honor the historical moral foundation of law.  He is recognized as an eloquent defender of traditional marriage between one man and one woman, the lives of unborn children, religious liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

In 2013 Rapert was bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Theology by the Midwest College of Theology in Missouri for his life’s work speaking up for the lives of unborn children and being a champion for Biblical values in the public square.


Jason and his wife Laurie are focused upon being salt and light throughout the world through evangelism, missions, Christian leadership development programs, teaching, biblical education, conferences, retreats, humanitarian relief projects and praying for the peace of Jerusalem in support of Israel.

Holy Ghost Ministries (HGM) World Headquarters is located alongside the Arkansas River near Conway, Arkansas.  The ministry began as a faith-based humanitarian mission organization focused upon preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing clean water and assistance to the poor and orphans in Ghana West Africa, Uganda and the Philippines. 

Rapert’s original vision was to simply help those who cannot help themselves and has based the organization upon the idea of "Serving God by Serving Others".  HGM has coordinated and worked with various organizations to complete projects around the world including fresh water wells, toilet facilities, malaria net distributions, village feedings, orphanage support, church facilities, annual scholarship fund for the Southern Ghana Bible College, school tuition assistance and medical assistance. Jason has personally served on the mission field eight times since 2004 and has led several mission teams to Africa.

In addition to his work in ministry and service in the Arkansas Senate, Rapert is also a successful business owner and serves on the boards of various organizations.

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