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America Under Attack - the Battle for The Soul of Our Nation

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:2 "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." I believe everyone in our nation can sense the state of mourning going on in the United States at this very moment. Without question, we see and sense the great spiritual warfare that is taking place within our Republic. America is under a spiritual attack that is targeting every area of our culture - politics, social norms, education, free speech and communication, free press, health, liberty and security.

For many of you, this is the first time that you have visited our ministry website and signed up for my blog. I want to welcome you here and encourage you to stay plugged in because I foresee many months of struggle in our country over our fundamental rights as Christians within the United States of America. I am disappointed to even have to write that, but it is reality. We have seen increasing persecution in our nation for several years now with Christian business owners being targeted and sued for simply wanting to exercise their own personal religious beliefs and the political Left led by the LGBTQ movement trying to portray Christians who believe in traditional marriage between one man and woman as bigots, backward and oddly enough racists.

One such example of rising persecution is the fact that Big Tech companies like Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Google and Apple are reported to be engaging in censorship at levels we have never seen before in our country. It began slow at first, with some of those companies banning and blocking posts from conservative politicians, Christians and other conservative thought leaders. Then in 2020 during the presidential election, those companies began to blatantly censor and question the opinions of individuals at all levels - putting them in "FaceBook jail" as it has been called by some users. Just this week Twitter has permanently banned President Donald J. Trump from their platform even though he had over 80 million people following his account from around the world. Their choice to ban him was truly an historic example of the suppression of free speech on a level our nation has never before seen.

When leftists decide they do not like your beliefs, your opinions or ideas - they are now simply demonizing and redefining what you say as "hate speech" and seeking to cancel you and silence you by any means necessary. This is very dangerous if we hope to keep a free society which values a free marketplace of ideas. People "choose" what ideas, opinions and beliefs they value - but it is un-American to absolutely squelch the voice of anyone in our society no matter how much we may disagree with them. We don't have to like what other people say, what they believe or what they value - it is their right under the U.S. Constitution to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They can choose to use their own personal platforms, stages or social media to say whatever they want - as long as it does not violate the law by becoming harassment, threatening, etc. towards other individuals. Ultimately we have seen companies like YouTube owned by Google truly harm some entities like Prager U which provides commentary on major policy issues in our nation from a conservative viewpoint. This is all the more shocking because that site is run by Dennis Prager a Jewish man with a stellar reputation in our nation. One cannot help but think of the draconian tactics of the Nazis in Germany who started out their effort to takeover Germany by targeting Jews and anyone they disagreed with in virtually the same manner. Their efforts which ultimately led to the Jewish holocaust and attempt to exterminate an entire race of people began with efforts to stifle speech, demonize the Jewish faith, demonize the Jewish people, force Jews to be fired and ostracized, and ultimately to strip them of all their human rights, businesses, possession and homes. American citizens must FIGHT any attempt for the Democrats or Leftist groups in our nation to undermine our fundamental rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Today, we have seen the highest number of new subscriptions to our ministry blog ever because people are realizing that their right to have a connection with other likeminded people through FaceBook and Twitter is in real jeopardy. Their freedom is under attack. When a group of companies collude to cancel and silence any voice it is a grave concern, but it is especially so when the leader of the greatest free nation in the world is bullied by a company run by liberals who have the power to do something like that.

Thank you again for making a connection with our ministry. We sincerely hope that all of you will be blessed by our ministry as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, champion Biblical values, teach others to be strong Christian leaders in their communities and realms of influence, and call upon Americans to return to the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our nation was founded.

Stay tuned for announcements in the near future about new resources we will be offering to help you become a better Christian, study the Bible and how to be 'salt and light" in an increasingly dark world. We invite you to also become acquainted with the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, Inc. which I personally helped launch over the past two years. It is a fast growing group of Christian believers around our nation which includes members that are elected officials, former lawmakers and Christian supporters from all walks of life.

So once again - welcome to Holy Ghost Ministries! Now that we have experienced and see other Christian voices being silenced on various media platforms, we are excited to have you directly connected to our ministry website and will begin moving even more content here for your use and edification in the future.

Do not be discouraged, for greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world! 1 John 4:4

By uniting together as fellow Christians we will see victory over darkness in our culture. I absolutely have faith that we can move mountains just as the Bible says in Mark 11:22-25:

22 Jesus said to them, “Have faith in God! 23 I can guarantee this truth: This is what will be done for someone who doesn’t doubt but believes what he says will happen: He can say to this mountain, ‘Be uprooted and thrown into the sea,’ and it will be done for him. 24 That’s why I tell you to have faith that you have already received whatever you pray for, and it will be yours. 25 Whenever you pray, forgive anything you have against anyone. Then your Father in heaven will forgive your failures.”

Tomorrow I will be preaching my first sermon of 2021 in a regular church service at Faith Assembly of God in Texarkana, Arkansas. If you are nearby come join us or simply tune into their services carried by livestream. I promise you it will be a message worth listening to!

God bless you and thank you again for making a connection with our ministry. We would welcome you as one of our regular partners as well. Be blessed and remember - In God We Trust! Evangelist Jason Rapert

Jason Rapert is founder and president of Holy Ghost Ministries, the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, Providence Financial Group, serves on various ministry and business boards, and is an elected Arkansas state senator.

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